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Pasadena Burger was founded in 1995. The founder of the brand had spent several years traveling all across America searching for the perfect burger. After trying many different burgers, he realized that the California style burger was his favorite.
The Pasadena DIY box includes fresh ingredients that pack delicious flavors in every bite: – Ground Australian beef patty seasoned with secret herbs & spices (250 grams) – Fresh iceberg lettuce (100 grams) – Tomato (100 grams) – Fresh onion (100 grams) – Caramalised onion with butter (100 grams) – Pickled Gherkins (100 grams) – Secret Pasadena Burger Sauce (200 grams) – Sliced American cheese cheese (10 grams)
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Our journey starts way back in 1975


Determined to his passion for burgers, he decided that he would create what was later deemed by many as the best tasting California Style burger. He offered his juicy sizzling burgers catering for home parties and events using the freshest and high quality ingredients.


Pasadena Burger was an instant hit, and people could not get enough! Now for the very first time you can experience the amazing flavour of this Authentic Californian burger in Malaysia. With the Pasadena Burger DIY box, you can enjoy the great original flavour, OR get creative and customise your Burger the way YOU like it! The possibilities are endless!